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The local residents of Cesme and the people who know what the Aegean shores have to offer in summer time, place a different importance to Pasalimani. Pasalimani owes its unmatched beauty to its perfect location with its virgin beaches, land that stretches half way into the sea and its abundant amounts of green. Another beauty of Pasalimani, well known for its calm and quiet nature distant from loud amusement spots is that, owing to its warm climate, it is perfectly possible to enjoy the sea and sun even in autumn months.

Sea Homes is rising in the hottest spot of Pasalimani bay, and is inviting you become a privileged part of this simply peerless Aegean lifestyle.



Cesme, with its developed infrastructure, fresh fish serving restaurants along the waterfront, exotic boutiques and famous beaches is a growing attraction center. The difference of Cesme as a vacation town is that the people who Cesme appeals to are well educated, cultured people who know how to enjoy life. Primarily by the Cesme Castle and by other historical sites, Cesme keeps the 19th century architectural texture in its streets which gives it a unique charm. And if you have rented a boat, then you would especially appreciate the Cesme Marina.

As a district of Izmir, Cesme reflects Izmir’s friendly and free-spirit lifestyle. In its cultural triumph and rise, one cannot simply let pass the contribution of Alacati. With the perfect geography of its bay and ideal wind conditions, Alacati is a heaven for Kite Surfers and Wind Surfers. Surfers from all around the world come to Alacati every year. Alacati also offers a very exciting nightlife, with Istanbulian clubs like Babylon and Otto, it paints the night in colors. Famous with its picturesque windmills, Alacati is also well known for its vineyards and local delicacies.

Another famous place in Cesme is Ilica with its in-sea thermal hot springs and mud baths, Ilica is an answer for those who seek alternative cures. Together with its cozy restaurants and handsome bars, it is a smaller but warm alternative to other places in Cesme.

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