“Our name expresses what we do best.”

Our job is to design living spaces that exceed expectations. Our projects, which are always situated in the most attractive and valuable areas of the cities or locations they are found in, are invariably designed to appeal to the higher class.

Homes Inc.

In order to create spaces that bring life quality to one step further, we work with the pioneering architects, engineers and designers. Besides providing the first class comfort to our precious clients what they truly deserve, we also aim to help them gain the highest value from their investments.

As of today, our chief investments costing 100 million Euros include: Unter Den Linden 1 Frankfurt Am Main, Unter Den Linden 2 Frankfurt Am Main, Brossstrasse Frankfurt, Bayer Turkish Management Building which is located in Germany.

Sea Homes Pasalimani Residences form only the first part of the 200 million euro investment plan which we are planning on releasing for the next 5 years in Turkey.

BAYER TÜRK Yönetim Binası BAYER TÜRK Yönetim Binası Istanbul

Erkin Köksal Founder of Homes Inc.

Erkin Köksal - Founder of Homes Inc.

Erkin Köksal has 25 years of working experience in Germany with significant business achievements. The total value of the projects he is responsible for exceeds 5 billion Euros. Köksal has been living in Germany since the age of 12, and as a person who was assigned for senior management posts in some of the biggest construction companies in the country, he is now feeling excitement and pride to be able to use his experience and know-how for his own projects in Turkey.

For Erkin Köksal, the Pasalimani project has a very special place. Since his childhood, Köksal has deeply adored Pasalimani and always felt like it was his home. To be able to invest in a project that can suit Pasalimani, comply with its nature and crown the beauty of its bay just fascinates him.

“Sea Homes Pasalimani is the most comprehensive and highest class project of Cesme. The quality and vision we contribute to Cesme will help improve the quality of future projects in the town. Thus Sea Homes will help Cesme become the best place in the Aegean region, which is already one of the most popular spots.”

Rıfat Baltaoğlu Sea Homes Pasalimani Residence Architect

Rıfat Baltaoğlu - Sea Homes Pasalimani Residence Architect

Rıfat Baltaoğlu succeeded in fitting numerous hotels, banks, offices, shops, restaurants, coach stations and hundreds of houses in his architectural adventure since 1994. His domestic and international projects were issued in respected media publications. Rıfat Baltaoğlu, as an architect who utilised his designing talents from big scale projects to singular products, summarizes his goal as to "create projects that are authentic, solved in detail, aesthetical and has a story of its own".

"In the Sea Homes project, we tried to make a green building out of natural material which would contribute to this beautiful bay of Pasalimani, which is the best bay of Cesme. We designed a building that would meet all the needs of the house owner, in an aesthetical manner that complies with the natural texture of the area. We started the designing process from cushions, and ended up with the roof."